I’m really not OK with this

Pixiq.com is reporting that ten journalists were arrested in a peaceful protest in New York City last week. Two of them filmed their arrests and in both, there is no doubt that the cops knew they were arresting reporters. Both of them repeatedly claim they are journalists and one of them even presents his press credentials.

Seriously? We’ve seen photographers shot at with rubber bullets by cops covering their nametags with duct tape, university cops spraying peaceful, non-resisting students with pepper spray and more. Now they’re just picking reporters off the street? At what point will the ACLU step up and sue these police departments? At the very least, I see a violation of these reporters’ First Amendment rights and perhaps their Fourth Amendment rights as well. What probable cause did the cops have for arresting those photographers in NYC last week? What possibly excuses the use of pepper spray – which resulted in chemical burns in at least one case – against peaceful students? That’s cruel and unusual punishment – without due process (and there go those students’ Fourth and Eight Amendment rights).



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