The million-dollar photograph


Peter Lik, a self-taught Australian landscape photographer, has sold one of his photographs for a whopping $1 million to an anonymous private art collector. The photograph, titled “One”, was shot on the banks of the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire just after dawn. Only one print of the photo will ever be produced.

via Australian Landscape Photographer Peter Lik Sells Photo for $1 Million.

My friend Jason and I go back and forth on whether photography can be considered art, so moments like these put a huge smile on my face. If a private collector can pay $1 million for an image, then surely it puts photography right up there in the pantheon of fields recognized as fine art.

Peter Lik, by the way, has apparently sold about $150 million in limited edition prints so far. So not only can photography be considered a fine art, it can also be considered that rarest of art forms – one that doesn’t require a Van Gogh-esque life of destitution and madness.

Your move, Mr. Jason?

Stumbling on an essay

Off Highway 1

Off Highway 1

My goal for this weekend was simple. Go out to Route 1 between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz and take a series of pictures I could compile into a photo essay. They would be the first installment of a series of photo essays on the stretch of Route 1 between Half Moon Bay and Cambria.

Pretty easy, no?


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Off Route 1

I went through a bunch of old negatives and scanned in quite a few images taken off Highway 1, between San Francisco and Cambria and put a small, select group together. This isn’t really a photo essay, more like a gallery, but I wanted to get some images up here… Continue reading